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hilados naturales, sustentables y biodegradables


We are committed to transform the way we produce, use and manage our textile resources. Our main goal is to minimize waste, maximize efficiency and promote the reuse of materials in a continuous cycle.

We have begun circular economy initiatives and responsible approaches to craft innovative collections. These collections are built around principles of waste reduction, prolonging product and material lifecycles.

To achieve this, we implement efficient collection and recycling systems, ensuring that materials can be reintegrated into new production cycles and the manufacture of new wool cloths.


We aim to achieve a commitment with our clients to encourage the adoption of innovative solutions that contribute to this purpose.

We strive to create a more efficient, resilient and sustainable textile system and want to ensure that our materials and products remain in circulation for as long as possible, thereby reducing environmental impact and generating long-term economic and social benefits.

hands working with wool in a natural and artisanal way

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