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In line with our sustainable vision, we apply responsible manufacturing processes that minimize our environmental impact and promote conscious textile production.

We are dedicated to leading the change towards a more sustainable textile industry and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our supply chain and promote more responsible practices. Some of our commitments and actions include:


  • Responsible use of resources: We promote sheep farming practices that respect animal welfare and minimize environmental impact. 


  • Sustainability in Production: We work closely with our supply chain partners to ensure responsible manufacturing practices. We promote the efficient use of energy and resources, as well as the reduction of emissions and waste in production processes.


  • Innovation and development: we invest in research and development to promote the advancement of more sustainable technologies and practices in the textile industry.


  • Education and awareness: we promote education and awareness about the benefits of wool and the importance of sustainability in the textile industry.

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San Roque 4651

Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 2883 3686

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