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paños de lana de color azul y violeta teñidos con tintes biodegradables


At Frione Industrias Textiles, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality natural fiber fabrics, respectful of the environment and at competitive prices.

Since the beginning, we have maintained a solid commitment to excellence and ethics at all stages of our production chain. Our goal is to exceed the highest quality standards to ensure that each of our products meets our customers' expectations.


We preserve the unique characteristics of our fabrics through careful production processes and the recent incorporation of cutting-edge technologies from the city of Biella, Italy (undisputed leaders in the luxury wool textile industry). This allows us to offer products that stand out in the market for their quality and distinction.

We have rigorous quality controls throughout the production chain, from the selection of the best wool fibers to the spinning, weaving and dyeing process, guaranteeing that each cloth meets the highest standards of excellence. 


Furthermore, we strive to provide agile production time and ensure punctuality in the delivery of our products. We value the importance of meeting agreed deadlines and ensure that customer satisfaction is our priority.


We are committed to providing exceptional fabrics that reflect our commitment to excellence in every detail.

threads inside a machine that makes wool textiles

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San Roque 4651

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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